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Judo 2004-05-31 13:30

Please Reseed Gear Fighter Dendoh and Overman King Gainer
I've been stuck on 98% of Gear Fighter Dendoh eps.2 and 28% of Overman King Gainer Eps.1 for a couple of days now...

So can someone please reseed them?

Thanks in advance

Kaioshin Sama 2004-06-01 15:22

Gear Fighter Dendoh (2) Still seems to be stuck at 98.8%, so I'd like to second the resharing request of said anime.

Judo 2004-06-02 12:42 seems like all of 9(?) of us that are trying to download Dendoh are stuck at 98% <.<;;;;;

Kaioshin Sama 2004-06-21 17:38

I've been trying to get episode 2 of Dendoh for three weeks now. Is there honestly nobody out there who could reseed this file or the rest of the episodes for the 10 seconds it will take to finish it. Please I really want to see this show.

Daizengar 2004-06-21 22:55

ok.......i`ll seed dendoh episode 2. but i still want to get episode stuck at 99%

microlith 2004-06-22 01:04

Gainer was finally announced as licensed, no can do on the reseed.

Kaioshin Sama 2004-06-22 13:58

Thank you I got it. I can seed both episode 1 and 2 now upon request.

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