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Shay 2004-05-31 13:34

I need help with my torrent.
Ive been d/ling naruto ep 85 ANBU version from Got Woot for like 6 hours now!

Its been on 99.9% for like an hour :( Just as its about to finish it says....ERROR a peice failed hash check redownloading it.
Ive tryed rebooting the d/l, ive tryed rebooting my pc, ive made sure all ports are not blocked.

Any ideas?

Is anyone else having this problem?

Its really innoying, the damn thing just wont finish.

Edit: Plz delete this thread, even though its only 99.9% and not acually finished it still plays and sounds perfectly, so i guess it dosen't really matter :)

sorry if ive wasted anybody's time. If i knew how to delete a thread i would.

Kouji 2004-05-31 13:48

Well, you could get help at this section here. This section's dedicated to helping people with downloading problems. Also, remember to use the Search function as well :)

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