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Naruto =] 2004-05-31 16:49

I need avi episode 46
someone help!!! they arent seeding episode 46 thats in avi format!! i need this episode! lol, help me plz!!

MidoriShinobi 2004-05-31 16:54

I don't think these kind of posts are allowed.
However, you're a n00b, so just read the rules, okay?

Check your private messages, though. I'll help you out.

Lexander 2004-05-31 16:54

... *sigh*

Wrong forum.
Go here.

Read the forum rules also.

NightWish 2004-05-31 16:59

I've moved the thread, so you don't need to post again.

Also, it helps if you say which version you are after... I've check ANBU-AonE version and that has 2 seeds right now; while the TW batch torrent has 13...

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