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Ranpha Franboise 2004-06-01 05:00

Reseed Scrapped Princess
Hello, I'm trying to finish up my Scrapped Princess episodes since I have access to cable for a little bit but I'm finding it hard to get anything. I've tried the 1-24 torrent from Keep & Anbu and using BitComet to get just 16-24 but after many days all I have is 11.4% even though the site says there are plenty of seeders.

Now I've downloaded the Keep & Anbu #16 torrent but no one is seeding it, so if someone could that would be one less episode I need to worry about.


Ranpha Franboise 2004-06-03 09:12

It's me again, thanks to anyone who's been reseeding. But it fell just short of letting me finish episode 16. I have 99.1% from the torrent ( If anyone can reseed that for just a little bit longer I would greatly appreciate it.


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