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kirato 2004-06-02 16:52

database file

i am using the official bit torrent to download. i found that theres a database(.dbf) file in the folder where i saved the file.

its comes with the avi file while downloading, but after the avi file is completed and i tried watching the video and next i found the .dbf file is gone..

is this some kind of spy ware or hacking?

NightWish 2004-06-02 17:03

Can't say I've ever seen such a file -- which torrent(s)? All of them...?

NoSanninWa 2004-06-02 17:50

Also, you say that you are using the official client. Did you download it from the official site? If you got it from elsewhere it could be a hacked version with spyware.

kirato 2004-06-02 20:26

btw the file is called thumbs.db.. its a database file.

maybe this can make it clearer of what it is?
any of u have seen this type of file downloading wif video file?

TronDD 2004-06-02 20:44

That's a file Windows creates in directories with files it can preview in the left pane of an open folder or some such. It was probably just in the folder when the person created the batch torrent.

It probably dissapears because you have the default option of hiding those files left on. Either Windows realizes you shouldn't see it, or it creates it's own and the new one dissapears. Not sure if the files shared over BT retain their "hidden" attribute.

Don't worry about it.

kirato 2004-06-03 05:06

thank you,

glad to hear that it wasnt something malicious =)

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