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gigi19 2004-06-04 09:39

what is te diff with bit torrent an azureus???
can any one tell me the diff?? :confused:

Dafty 2004-06-04 10:10


Originally Posted by gigi19
can any one tell me the diff?? :confused:

I'm supposing you're meaning the bitTorrent client from bitconjurer (the one listed as client on the animesuki page)...

The difference is... they are different clients for executing .torrent files downloading files over the bitTorrent protocol...

anime_layer 2004-06-04 15:56

BitTorrent is primarily a protocol. It defines how the clients and the tracker communicate with each other. The official BitTorrent client is just an implementation of this protocol. Any application that supports the BitTorrent protocol is able to download .torrent files.
Figurative: You don't need all exactly same people so that they can communicate with each other. It suffices that they speak the same language.

gigi19 2004-06-05 00:59

ic ic i am using the shadow bit torrent an was wondering which is better.... tho i think i will stick with shadow for a while untill a new one is out thnx for the info

gigi19 2004-06-05 01:08

mmm. maybe i'll give azureus a try.... ya i will give a try

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