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lgmcben 2004-06-06 06:51

I heard "Don't use all u/l bandwidth in order to maximize d/l rate" ?
I heard someone said. If your max upload speed is 13k/s, then you should set the global max upload rate at 10k/s to maximize download efficiency.

1. Can anyone explain why?

2. What if I set the max u/l rate at 12k/s? Is it better than 10k/s?

Thank you ^^

P.S. I just lose 4 GB of downloaded pieces because I messed with file priority system(Bittornado) I may not be an expert but I want to warn all of you. If u want some files to finished first, never set other files to "download never". Only "download later" should do it.

you can read about it here

So I'm now focusing on getting that 4GB back. I'm asking this question because now I'll be downloading marathon style to get those 4GB back as fast as possible so I can forget about this sadness. T__T

Thank you for your kindness. ^____^

anime_layer 2004-06-06 08:31

This is a problem with asynchronous broadband connections (i.e. you usually have much less upload than download bandwith).
When downloading, your computer has to confirm incomming packets with so called ACK packets. If you have a huge download but little upload bandwith and the upload is additionally worked at full capacity by your p2p application, the computer can't keep up with sending ACKs packets. If the remote computer(s) sending you data don't recieve the ACK packets, they will decrease the amount of data they send to you.
This depends on the connection you have. You might only notice a slight in-/decrease when giving or taking 2 KB/s upstream but it also might speed up your downloads a lot.

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