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Abonimation 2004-06-26 04:20

Could anyone share Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien?
I need for someone to share kimi ga nozomu eien ep 4-10 from ? Folder/Filename: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien 04 - 10 Size:1.10GiB :D
Thank you!

white_shadow 2004-06-26 08:31

We have almost the same prob, dude. Mine's 6-10 is at 97.4% and it suddenly stopped until now. But I'm downloading it from Onigiri.

Abonimation 2004-06-26 09:49

:D seems so...
Some nice guy uploaded for a wile, though it didnŽt complete, If anyone feel for helping out IŽd be greatfull! Thanks to whoever uploaded earlier!

Abonimation 2004-06-26 14:50

I need to se this serie through!
I really, REALLY need to see through this serie, or IŽll go insane! so, anyone, I ask, perhaps even beg you to re-seed these episodes that are mentioned at the top of the page! PLEASE!! (hope this doesnŽt count as spam, if it does I AM REEEEAEAALLLY SORRY!)

Streamer 2004-06-30 21:40

Will Lunar do?
I could reseed the series, but I only got the version from [Lunar]...Ep1-14 in one package... would that be fine by you?


Perdita 2004-07-01 11:19

I can reseed the Ishin batch torrent if needed. :)

- Perdita

Perdita 2004-07-01 11:25

Okay, reseeding torrent
I'm reseeding the torrent as I type this. I have also asked the assistance of the Ishin distro crew as well.

- Perdita

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