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Denks 2004-07-15 22:39

Using Bittornado
I've downloaded BitTornado, and now I need help working it out. First it asks for a Torrant file!! What are they, where do I find them, how do I use them? Basically can someone help me use this program.


AnimeOni 2004-07-15 23:04

Torrent files contains the host info and file info of the avi you want to download. If you go to the homepage you will see the "recently added" list. Just click on the anime you wish to download and that's all. BitTorrnado should do the rest for you.

Note, some of the links there point to other sites so you might have to click more than one link to select the actual .torrent files.
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mak10 2004-07-18 16:37

Torrent files are basically files that contain a particular sort of media such as a movie, game or software. If you're interested in downloading all these (and if you have a good connection speed :)), then you can either go to to download anything you set your eyes on or if you're more interested in animes... you can go to the main page of animeski .com and start downloading animes. Thats about it, in a nutshell.


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