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ZeroSlashX5 2004-07-24 23:33

A little help please.
Ok so I'm downloading the Final Fantasy Advent Children trailer there are 13 seeders and currently I am the only leecher and I am getting some craptastic speed. Help would be greatly appreciated.

NoSanninWa 2004-07-26 02:40

A little help please! We aren't mind reader so we need you to help us before we can try to help you. What client are you using? If you are using the basic client I would recommend that you download BitTornado and try it. It has a status light in the upper-right corner that will tell us if you are firewalled. Check the color of this status light. If it is yellow instead of green then we've found the problem. Of course it also has Upnp which will automatically attempt to fix your ports in case they are firewalled so you might not have a problem with this client even if you do with the normal client.

It also has an option to automatically configure your upload bandwith so you can deal with that problem in case that is the reason.

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