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Anthias 2004-07-26 21:39

Seed but no seed
Hi. I have been downloading for the last day or so the Wind a breath of Heart special, subbed by AniKraze, and it was coming down no problem till it hit 97.5%, at which point all seeds are gone. Now, I know that would usually indicate the seeds are gone, but according to the tracker there are more seeds there than there were when I started!....

I assume its to do with the whole "proximity of users" issue that can arrise in a distributed network, or something, ie my ping rate to the remaining seeds is too high so their clients shut me out, but there should be a way to arrange a connection to a seed regardless. I just don't know how.

I am on a 1.5Mb ADSLso its not simply "my poor connection". I've allready restarted the torrent a couple of times (that has helped when something like this happened before) but to no avail. And since this torrent has now been sitting still for several times the time it took to get to 97.5%, well, this post....

Any clues to finishing this torrent (and of course then seeding it for a while) would be greatly appreciated.

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