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polkadots 2004-07-27 20:28

Hunter X Hunter OVA 1 trouble :(
hey everyone, i cant download the OVA 1 series :(...heres the link[AKU]Hunter_X_Hunter_OVA_1.torrent

can someone tell me if its my problem or if its the trackers problem...cuz im getting nothing. on azeurus all it says is Error: Data Missing. i've tried re-d/ling the tracker and tried again but the same thing happened...any advice will do THANKS! :help:

AnimeHunter 2004-08-02 16:15

Today I have the same problem.. the tracker seems to be down. Cant even download torrents from and bittornado is black, saying "Cant connect to tracker" ^^ . Is it down forever or will it be okay within the next days ?

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