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slovadon 2004-07-30 00:19

Port? (note: I also posted this on sin's Azureus thread)
I'm very new to BitTorrent but I've become pretty interested in it. I've read a few sites online that explain it and have FAQ sections. Anyways, I've tried a few qlients and can't get any to connect. I came accross the Azureus guide (very nice by the way) and configured mine exactly as sin had it in the screen shots. The bummer is that I haven't managed to connect to anyone. I've tried several torrents from animesuki but they never connect. I also made it a point to chose ones with lots of seeds. I thought the problem might be my router so I went directly into my DSL modem, that didn't fix it. I also made sure that my windows XP firewall was off. I went threw the wizard and tested the default Incomming TCP listening port and it shows a NAT error. Do you think that could be the problem, and if so how can I fix it? Thanks for your time, I'm not great with computers so I'm sure users like me can be kind of annoying.

limcc 2004-07-30 06:43

try bitcomet, its more user friendly for user behind router than others BT client. if your router support UPnP and you are using WinXP, the process is almots plug n play.

try it and give us the feedback.

slovadon 2004-07-30 11:33

I acctually have a hub, which is different than a router, right? Sorry about that. Well, I tried BitComet and it won't connect to anything. I don't have any idea what the problem is (which isn't surprising since I'm not too great with computers). I checked XP's firewall and it's off, and I checked my security options and there doesn't seem to be anything that would pose a problem.

KeinikuSuki 2004-07-30 11:41


Originally Posted by slovadon
I acctually have a hub, which is different than a router, right?

If you can have more than one computer on the internet at the same time, then your device is a router. Routers have DHCP servers which hand out internal IP addresses to computers connected to the home network. Hubs on the other hand, just connect computers together without doing anything else.

Since the router hands out multiple internal IP addresses, it will block incoming unsolicited traffic since it has no way to know to which internal IP address the information is intended for. This is the major problem associated with yellow dots/faces.

If you want the unsolicited torrent traffic (IE peers that want to connect to you, rather than you connecting to them) to make it to your computer, you must configure the router to forward the information to a specific internal IP address. Azureus has a feature which will automatically configure your router if the router supports the UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) feature. If not, or you are afraid of the lower security you'll need to read:

This guide by Doppelganger; it, while very long, takes a good stab at explaining how to configure a router.

slovadon 2004-07-31 01:42

It's up and running! Thanks for the help!

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