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moopit 2004-08-11 21:22

A few questions on bittorents quite long
Hi, I have just got the internet and have started using Bittornado.
I have been reading about the sharing and uploading when I have been downloading files.
Currently I have finished Now and then, Here and There at 3034.51 mb and been setting it as a seeder. It is running at 8KB/s 852.1mb in total. My share is 0.281.
I also have downloaded Last Exile 1-4 at 927mb seeding at 1KB/s also I have an active download at 28KB/s set as a seeder mainly running at 0-1KB/s.
I have all three running at once. I have a couple of incomplete downloads from when I first started a few days ago. I thought that I could pause and turn off the downloads then reactivate them and when the download was finished turn it on as a seeder for 1 day as I have read. The problem is when I tried to connect to one of my first downloads which was about 25% done I got a banned message because my share rating was too low. I am on an 500k speed cable. Do I need to leave the download until the share rating reaches a specific amount, I am happy to seed the downloads when they are finished but I cannot leave the pc on for about the 4 days it said it woukd take to download these 4-gb series, I had a lot of problems with the earlier downloads pc crashing etc until I found Bittornado. At the slow speeds I am uploading at it could be a week or more for Now and Then, Here and There to give me a green smile. should I limit myself to 1 download and when it is finished turn it on as a seeder and start one more download and piggyback them? I wish to optimise my upload speed so that I dont have this problem again any advice appreciated


NoSanninWa 2004-08-12 00:38

Only specific very rare trackers mandate a specific level of sharing. I'd suggest that you discuss the matter on their forum since it has nothing to do with BitTorrent in general. On virtually every site other than the one which banned you, you are free to restart your torrents and take as long to share as you would like to do so.

Incidently, the site you were on (which I will not name because they specialize in large batchs of licensed anime) recommends that you use BitTornado's ability to limit your download so that you aren't downloading any faster than you upload. In that way you can achieve parity and not worry about being banned.

I'm going to close this thread now for two reasons:
  1. I don't want to risk anyone naming the site which banned you since we are opposed to people downloading licensed anime.
  2. You are talking about downloading licensed anime in your post which is a serious no-no on this forum.
I'm glad to hear that you are concientious about sharing your downloads with others. Keep up the seeding to enhance our community even it you are on the "wrong side of the tracks". Feel free to stop and resume downloads as long as you are off that site since almost nobody else will keep count.

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