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moleteo 2004-08-12 00:46

i have a dl problem with bittorrent
When i dl something from bittorrent my dl rate is around 1-5 kbs but my uploadrate is much higher. It was working well the first time i dl the anime but when when i cancel and redl it it becomes this slow any know the problem please replie.

NoSanninWa 2004-08-12 01:09

It's probably either because you need to lower your upload or open your ports. It's fairly easy to figure out which one. Let's try this. First uninstall your BitTorrent client and then get BitTornado. Install BitTornado in its place.

Now choose one torrent to download and only one. Since I want to make sure it is a torrent with plenty of ul/dl try this one: DearS - 5. Make sure it is the only thing you are uploading or downloading on your system because we want to limit the number of possible variables.

Now set the upload speed to automatic. That is the little drop-down window in the lower left. This will automatically compensate in case your upload is capped, thus solving one of the two most likely problems.

The download window should look something like this:

With luck after 10 minutes it will look something like this:

Take a good look at the status light in the upper-right hand corner. It should turn green after a short time. If it stays yellow then your problem is the firewall or router. After a little while it should start to download faster and if you wait long enough it will start to download with some real speed. If this works then your problem was probably the upload limit. This causes a problem because if you upload too much on an asymetrical connection then it will limit your download. We installed BitTornado because it can automatically fix that problem. If it didn't fix that problem then we'll have to look elsewhere...

If the light in the upper right hand corner stayed yellow instead of turning green, then the problem is probably you need to open ports 6881-6889 on your firewall and on your router if you have one. When you can get a green light, you'll know that your ports are all open.

A router is a piece of hardware that your internet connection and your computer are both connected to. It forms a barrier between them. You can see it with your eyes, it probably has lights on the front of it. A firewall is a software barrier that starts up with your computer. You can probably see it indicated by an icon in your system tray. I'm afraid that I don't know much about disabling firewalls or routers other than my own, but there are several helpful threads you might be able to find in this sub-forum. Maybe some helpful soul will even chime in here now that they know the problem. You can also check out Fixing Firewalls at because they give a lot of help for different firewalls and routers in that forum.

A final problem is that Windows has a firewall built in that might be blocking your ports. This is hard to notice unless you know exactly what to look for. To check to see if it is enabled and/or get rid of it go to Network Connections on you Control Panel. Select your internet connection and right-click it. Click on Properties. On the window that comes up, click the properties button. Then a new window will appear so click on the Advanced tab. There is a checkbox which indicates if the firewall is enabled or not. To get rid of it simply make sure that it is unchecked. Since these instructions might be confusing I created a picture to illustrate the process of removing the WindowsXP Firewall. Click on the thumbnail for the full sized version:

Kurz 2004-08-12 10:56

NoSanninWa you should save every post you make ;). Damn that very detailed instruction ;).

NoSanninWa 2004-08-12 18:16

Glad you like it. It is a work in progress. ;) It was cobled together from several other posts I made and re-edited for clarity. I'm just hoping that it helps moleteo. Hopefully s/he will respond and tell us if it fixed the problem.

_Sin_ 2004-08-12 20:02

I've noticed that too! He seems to want to make his own legion of BitTornado followers to act as a counterbalance against my fellow Azureus Zealots! I need to increase my forces by being online the whole day (or alternatively writing bots to do that work) and consequently picking up more followers. I just have to rid myself from all of my Real Life™ friends and family and somehow increase the day by 10 more hours. Admittedly, that won't be easy :heh:

*In snake-ish voice* Psst, moleteo, follow me and my cause and you'll get a better download experience than with BitTornado. Really, look here .

Now if that does not fit my screen name, I don't know what will ^_^

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