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Azrael 2004-08-14 21:56

Bittornado Help
Well i just got my bittornado today and im not really sure if its configured right. Anyways heres my problems, im downloading at like 15kb/s so im wondering how i increase that? I notice that it says im only connected to 3 seeds.. can i connect to more? Also any help on just a general good configuration thread for bittornado would be awesome, thanks :)

Kurz 2004-08-14 23:13

Try posting at the BitTornado forums. ;)

AnimeOni 2004-08-14 23:13

Is the light green or yellow? If you are connected to just seeds, I would wait a few minutes to see if other peers connect. As more peers connection, your speed may increase depending on the share ratios and the number of peers. BTornado should connect to more peers automatically. Note: you have to share more to download more. If you set your UL very low, your DL will be very low.
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