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julian82 2004-08-14 23:20

All my Trackers keep getting offline
Hi everyone. Recently i have this problem, my trackers will go offline for no apparent reason in an hour or so. (Tracker status will be offline(timeout))

Before that, The face is green (i am using Azureus) Although i could still keep downloading, the rest of my downloads are affected. I will go to sleep seeing green faces for all my downloads and when i wake up it is either red or blue faces... Sigh... hope someone can help...

Oh.... one more thing... this happened after i downloaded and installed aervice pack 2

Thanks for any help!!

AnimeOni 2004-08-15 02:30

Do you have the firewall running? SP2 turns it on. Go to the new security center and turn it off and see if that fixes the problem. There's nothing really "new" in SP2 that I have seen that causes people to lose connection. I have been using SP2 for a few months and have very few problems.
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KeinikuSuki 2004-08-15 04:00


Originally Posted by AnimeOni
There's nothing really "new" in SP2 that I have seen that causes people to lose connection. I have been using SP2 for a few months and have very few problems.

Actually, I've been wondering if this could be the work of "TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts." This seems to be something that wasn't included in RC2.

Depending on how slow the tracker is to answer a scrape, it seems logical that incomplete connections could build up in the que. Or more likely, you're connecting to peers that arent answering fast enough and the tracker scrape gets added to the que. Then, by the time the scrape gets sent, the client assumes it's timed out. This is just a theory, I have nothing to back it up, but it sounds good....

I get this error every time I start a torrent with Azureus. I've been wondering if the "Slowely connect new peer connections - For people with internet disconnection issues" option in Azureus would help with this problem, but I haven't done any further testing.

Anyway, check your event veiwer by typing eventvwr.msc into your run dialog box. Under the system tab check for "Warning" messages originating from "tpcip". If you see a whole lot of these (like more than 10 or so an hour), this could be the problem. If so there are apparently ways to circumvent this "protection". Check this thread.

julian82 2004-08-15 07:05

Thanks guys... but it is still not working.... my firewall is definately off... and the tcp through evebt viewer seems fine with only like 3 warnings but i kindda din understand how to solve the issue with the so called patch in the link.... any ideas?

Sigh.... i shouldn't have updated windows..... :upset:

AnimeOni 2004-08-15 19:14

Unofficial workaround:
If you want to tweak your system to allow more TCP connections, download and run.

It patches the tcpip.sys and other network files change the max tcp connections from 10 to 50.

When you execute, it will ask you whether to increase or decrease the number of TCP connections.

WARNING: do this at your own risk. Do this if you are running SP2 and are getting the 4226 errors.

Official Workaround:
You can set which application is allowed to "bypass" the imposed security settings.

Note: both will open yourself up to hackers using the port-scanning methods so be careful on how you set your settings.

Since I do not have problems with SP2, I cannot tell you what the best setting is but you are free to try and let people on the board know your results.
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