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winson604 2004-08-19 19:42

Strongest character in Naruto?
I only started to get into naruto about a couple months ago. I havn't read the manga and have only watched all the anime episodes up to 97. So obvioulsy manga readers have seen and know about more characters then i do for example Itachi who we have only got a sneak peack of in the anime. I was curious who you think is the strongest in all of naruto and maybe why?

Orochimaru so far obviously seems strong but he mentions that Itachi is stronger then him. thoughts please.

lotus_lee 2004-08-19 19:46

Isn't there an anime thread for this already?

Kadius 2004-08-19 20:02

There are differant types of strength in Naruto. Technique, physical strength and stamina differ in each individual.

Sometimes it comes down to a rock, paper, scissors scenario. Such as when Gaara and Lee fight. If Lee had fought anyone else, he probably would've demolished them. But he has to fight the guy who has nearly perfect defense and devistating long range attacks. While he can only use Taijitsu. Another good example of when Temari and Tenten fight. Temari's techniques are quite powerful, and just nullified all of Tenten's attacks. There was nothing Tenten could do.

Just my $0.02

HoboGod 2004-08-19 20:05


Originally Posted by lotus_lee
Isn't there an anime thread for this already?

indeed there is: Who Is the Strongest/Best Ninja in their Prime? [Manga]

but of course, the thread is kinda old, the only reason it said [Manga] is because Tsuade wasn't introduced in the anime yet.

Hunter 2004-08-19 20:36

Definitively Konohamaru.

eLstar 2004-08-19 20:38

This is a question that can never be answered until the end of the series. But my bet is Kyubi.


Werwolf Hokage 2006-09-27 18:04

Strongest Ninja to You
Who do you think is the strongest ninja ever in Naruto?

Of cours I think it's Neji. Lol.

Yellow Flash 2006-09-27 18:05

Yondaime Hokage was the strongest ninja of all time.

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