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clem-kun 2004-08-20 01:30

[Shi-Fa] Mai-HiME Short PV Volume 1

This is the first of 8 short Mai-HiME PVs... 7 short more to come, and maybe some long ones... :D Stay tuned!

clem-kun 2004-08-20 02:24

Mai-HiME Short PV Volume 2

6 more to go! ^__^u

clem-kun 2004-08-20 02:43

Mai-HiME Short PV Volume 3


NoSanninWa 2004-08-20 04:23


Originally Posted by clem-kun

6 more to go you say? There are 8 of these short promos?

Could you tell us what they are from? Why there are 8 of these tiny LQ promos?

Were they all different TV commercials? What's the story?

PS If you need to submit these, then please submit them all to the same thread. We don't need 8 submission threads for these tiny promos. (Especially since we're already scanning the tracker.) I'm merging these three threads together now.

clem-kun 2004-08-20 12:27

These are all short Promotional Videos found on the Mai-HiME main site. They are all related, and most of them have the same narration. However, ecah one has its own distinct graphics. And here's a 4th (this one's 30 seconds long):

clem-kun 2004-08-20 14:48

Here's the 5th:

In my opinion, this is one of the best out of the 8! ^_~

clem-kun 2004-08-20 15:29

6th one out:

clem-kun 2004-08-20 17:00


In my opinion, this one is the best out of all of them. If you were to only download one out of the 8, get this one.

PS. Seems like many people have had problems with our codec. To see the video, try using the 3ivx codec.

clem-kun 2004-08-20 19:05

Last of 8 short PVs:

Hope you liked them ^__^u

clem-kun 2004-08-22 22:13

[Shi-Fa] Mai-HiME Long PV Volume 1

There are two different long PVs: One released in April and one in July. This is the one released in April. It's 1:30 min long and has HQ graphics. Enjoy!

clem-kun 2004-08-24 21:48

Another release: Mai-HiME short PVs 1-8 XviD Re-encoded, since so many people had problems with the 3ivx codec.

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