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Mitchell 2003-12-03 23:22

Steel angel kurumi 1-24?
I've searched all the net for those episodes, but could only find them at En most of them are down, could only download 1-12. I don't if it take long this download or if it work well. Just want to know sure if someone got the set for me to download/reshare. Thanks alot if you got it...!

xris 2003-12-04 07:05

This series has been licensed a while ago and is available on DVD, I suggest you go out and buy the series if you enjoy it.

Please do not ask for licensed anime. From the forum rules...
  • Do not ask for licensed anime or manga
    As described in Fansubbing and Licensing fansubs are technically illegal as they breach copyright. However as does not wish to be associated with piracy, discussions about unlawfully getting licensed anime or manga or even DVD rips are not allowed. This means it is not allowed to post links to sites with such licensed material or ways to obtain it illegally, or ask for links or instructions to be emailed or PM'ed to you. Threads which break this rule will be either closed or simply deleted.

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