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Zulfi 2003-12-08 18:43


this is my first post here. I just jumped on the bit torrent bandwagon, it is fast. :)
I'm using shareaza, I primarily started to use it as an alternative to ed2k/emule, and thought I'd give its bt properties a go.
I was wondering if it's a really rubbish bt client, or not. I'm sure it must be advantageous to use a proper bt client, but how advantageous.
I can save ram etc by combining ed2k and bt downloads in one program.

Forse 2003-12-08 19:20

Well Shareza doesn't work with PHPBT tracker I think so that should be good enough reason. I suggest using ABC bittorrent client on sourceforge. It has many many to list. Just see website :)

ZeroKun 2003-12-08 20:27

im a beta tester of the personal torrent collector 1.x client, aka PTC on So far its a great client, the older releases are good too. I recommend either PTC or ABC.

Shii 2003-12-09 01:07

Shareaza has the major advantage of being able to finish a BitTorrent download even if the tracker goes down forever.

Forse 2003-12-09 05:23

ABC can do that too, once it got list of clients and connected to stays connected and downloads even if tracker goes down :)

Shii 2003-12-09 10:26

Can it download parts of the file from other filesharing networks such as eDonkey?

Forse 2003-12-09 11:57

lol....that it can't...but to me that is not an issue...maybe to others it's great benefit :)

Zulfi 2003-12-11 17:42

thanks guys, I'll take what u said under consideration... for now I think I'll stick to shareaza... but I'll keep an eye out for abc since it seems to be highly recommended.

Zulfi 2003-12-20 21:32

he he I'm usin abc now...

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