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suyetvalz 2004-12-19 20:04

Sailormoon live action PARODY please!
here are the titles to those files that i really really want. if anyone can help me seed them, that would be the best!


2:[16 groups] Sailormoon Live Action 01 (Sailormoon is butt ugly but her friend is damned fine).avi


need more seeds for this:

4:[CoronaVista] The Coming of Princess Kakyu-A Sailor Moon Musical

*: this one i'm almost done with.

you guys don't have to seed all of these (though that would be the best)....but just at least 1 of these would make me very happy.

thank you for your time.

sailor_lovely_petal 2004-12-22 19:39

speaking of these, does anyone know where to get the rest of the musicals? I've looked everywhere, but I could only find the Comin gof Princess Kakyuu here.
If anyone knows where I can find the other 13 or so musicals, I would be soooooooooooooooooo grateful!!! :help:

NoSanninWa 2004-12-22 23:56

There are a few others have been subbed, but they aren't currently available on BitTorrent. Most of the rest have never been available subtitled on BitTorrent, though some are around in unsubbed form. (I forget where.) I've heard that TV-Nihon has plans to sub these someday, but they haven't started yet.

You also might want to check out Cruel Angel Productions.

If you have any more questions about the Sailor Moon Musicals (Seramyu) then ask it elsewhere because it is off-topic here.

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