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ZeligSSX999 2004-12-21 19:36

Leiji Matsumoto OUTTAKES
Hi To All.
I wanna thx everyone of all fanclubs because i have grabbed by torrents a lot of great movies, oavs or series never appeared on italian market.
I'm a very big fan of Leiji Matsumoto Universe, i'm here to ask to everyone could be interested in some rare old episodes, that are not subbed nor subtitled :help: . I don't know how to translate them, i don't know japanese nor anyone involved in, so i'm asking a help for a ripping, if you desire it not "raw". :hmm:
My ntsc laserdisc player (I'm from Italy where pal system is runned) is out of order :sad: . I have found a copy on tape of my laserdisc with those special episodes i buyed more than 10 years ago :thinker: .
This is the list of episodes: the 2 theatrical episodes of Danguard Ace (22-24 minutes), the Galaxy 999 special (1 of 4 produced at that time as tv extra) about Clear, the crystal servant on train (18 minutes); Captain Harlock The Secret Of Arcadia 34 minutes long, really wonderful also without knowing the language (Rin Taro as director, Kazuo Komatsubara on the animation :twitch: ), a Starzinger sort of pilot.
Do you think this material could be interesting for your taste? If yes i'll be at work to give you Xvid of Harlock and Co. very soon!
Let me know how to make and to set file torrents, i never made.
Thx, bye !

Yamano667 2004-12-24 09:28


Bonjorno signore ^^

Thanks for offering the tapes for translation, we cant use your material for translation because todays fans wont be interested on bit or pieces of oldies hehehe ..

Well you can judge me as wrong on the matter but i do collect classical anime from time to time, and we translate classical anime too

old projects made by us

Candy Candy TV on DVD
Laserion Senshi robot on DVD
Galaxy Rangers on DVD
Galaxy Express 999 on DVD
Thundercats (i think is anime ) hehehe on DVD
Bionic Six on DVD
Perrine en Familie on DVD ..etc etc

I could help you to set up torrents for the episodes, but how many you think they will download the episodes ??

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