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mrexpert 2003-12-11 10:17

full metal alchemist 11 12 and 13 :S
okay it may sound a little weird but a few days ago ... gues it was last friday already (time is goin fast if ur having fun ^^ ) but ehhh i was trying to dl full metal alchemist 11 / 12 and 13 from anime forever but suddenly my evil step dad came in and busted me .. (he didnt wanted me on internet cuzz he was dl ing something too and he told me i coulnd do anything for a day but sigh as addicted as i am i was trying to download fma ) oh whell he busted me and disconected my internet for the whole weekend .. sigh and now he doesnt share them anymore ... i really want them cuzz i cant wait anylonger hope someone can share them for me ...
greetzz teh expert ^^

hhaamu 2003-12-11 10:28

There is no FMA 11-13 yet. And almost all of the episodes are seeded. So why are you posting here?

mrexpert 2003-12-12 13:52

whell becuzz i'm damn sure they were 11 12 and 13 i even showed you the name of the sharer (anime kingdoms) so why shouldnt i ask it here with the re requests :P whell i hope someone will reply on this ....

LBW 2003-12-12 15:21

Well if you're so damn sure it was 11-13, you could've at least looked at the title too. XD
They did full metal panic btw and not alchemist. :P

Danny Boy 2003-12-12 21:36

LOL, the memory loss must be due to the encounter with Evil Step Dad?. Sorry, I only have AKeep's FMP and FMA.

mrexpert 2003-12-14 07:24

doh .. when will fma 11 be released cuzz i'm goin crazy wile waiting for naruto and fma :S sigh someone HELP MEEEEEEEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starfall 2003-12-14 15:30

I'm not gettin what you're saying.. Do you want something shared or not?

Kotetsu 2003-12-15 14:37

I think he means that he was trying to get the episodes from an fserv and now he can't find that same person. This forum is for BitTorrent resharing though, not fservs. Full Metal Alchemist episodes acn be gotten easily with BT, so just use that.

Go-lytely 2003-12-15 23:58

Yeah! Go stepdad!

Oneesama 2003-12-16 02:51

Thinking you havn't read the RULES

and this shouldn't be in the Resharing Forum.

mrexpert 2003-12-16 05:55

okay okay easy plz okay i made a mistake and i just asked friendly so no need to flame me to death :bash: ...

LBW 2003-12-16 06:39

It's ok, I wasn't really flaming, I just thought it was a little funny. ^^';

mrexpert 2003-12-17 03:29

nkai i have to commit something and plz 4give me XD it was indeed full metal panic only dumb ass me changed the name :bow: hehehehehehe sigh now how do i delete this subject

Danny Boy 2003-12-17 10:57

LOL, no! This thread will serve as an example for all future requesters, of how not to ask for seeds... Maybe this should be a sticky somehow.

Sorry, can't help you there. I have FMP Fumoffu from a different fansub group. Maybe next time you request a different title, I could be of some assistance.

mrexpert 2003-12-17 12:54

heheheh srry my prob i made a dumb mistake and ah whell every thing goes on so just ignore this and ehh someone plz tgel me how to delete this subject ? :eyespin:

hobobaggins 2003-12-18 14:24


Originally Posted by mrexpert
heheheh srry my prob i made a dumb mistake and ah whell every thing goes on so just ignore this and ehh someone plz tgel me how to delete this subject ? :eyespin:

you cant... i just like it how your name is mr. expert... lol :bash:

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