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GATX207_Blitz 2003-12-12 04:50

I now what I may ask may seem like alot, but can someone seed episodes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Not the packages, but each separate file? there are no seeds currently. oh and the subbers are by solar and MF, and solar and Genbu. IF someone can do this for me I would really really appreciate it. :D

EDIT: here is a link from where I am getting the files from

Danny Boy 2003-12-12 07:53

Can't help you there, I have the Lunar version. And if you're making a request, provide the link so it won't be a hassle to the good samaritans.

complich8 2003-12-12 08:50

Off Topic Alert: This has nothing to do with the parent post

Solar .... Lunar ....

Those two groups should do a joint!!!! On some space-type anime! That would be cool. Imagine if they were doing like .... I dunno .... something spacey, like galaxy railways. Or if aoshi and solar broke their joint on stellvia of the universe, lunar could step in, and they could do solar-lunar-stellvia of the universe. I'd watch that!

Maybe we could convince some new fansub group to be "stellar" fansubs too, to make the possibility for punning and then even more punning on group names even more pronounced.


Wow .... dumbass_complich8_comments++;
Just ignore me, I'll go away.
[edit: yeah, we all have stupid names. I know. complich8? pretty dumb. animeone? more like animetwenty. anime-keep? keep the anime? I should refrain from being such a dumbass.... but its simple human nature, what can ya do?]

GATX207_Blitz 2003-12-12 19:00

Hmm it appears that no one tends to read a thread unless something new has been posted...well I edited it and no one read it so I'm posting on to update my status....

Piano 1 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 0% completed
Piano 2 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 68.6% completed
Piano 3 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 0% completed
Piano 4 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 0% completed
Piano 5 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 0% completed
Piano 6 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 0% completed
Piano 7 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 0% completed
Piano 8 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 0% completed
Piano 9 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 4.1% completed
Piano 10 - 0kb d/l 0kb u/l 43.7% completed

As you can see I am having much difficulty getting these files. I have tried going to #solar and #genbu, but currently they do not hold these files up so I was hoping someone here would be ever so kind and reseed these files. Again they are fansubbed by Solar and the link is available on the first post

(Just in case someone didn't see the link above here it is again)

Someone out there must have these files....PLZ HELP ME

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