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wackymojo 2003-11-05 17:22

99.4% complete = okay?
Hi, I am sorry if this question has been answered somewhere else but need to get this question off my chest. Well, I was downloading a file through BitTorrent and it had about 4 episodes in it but it stopped at 99.4% and never completed. I was shy of 3mb before completing and now when I view the shows, all of them appear fine but my question is: Are there any long term effects of viewing an incomplete file download? I can never finish the download now since it's been licensed (Saishuheiki kanojo) : (

Rama 2003-11-05 17:36

In video files a "gap" of 3MB should be no problem, if all files start playing.
It could be that the video freezes in one episode. If that happens just scan
forward a bit and it'll run again.
And no, there are no 'long term effects' :)

Flash_Squirrel 2003-11-05 17:52

Im not 100% sure of what Im going to say, but take this at a 90% possibility.

Avi files are composed by the actual file and a registry with all the informations about the file (filters, stream, audio codecs, etc etc..).
Now if you want to see the file, you need the full registry and a good % of the file.
Since BT doesnt work by downloading the file from the beginning to the end, but more like "at pieces", you are not 100% sure that the registry, located at the beginning, is already downloaded. Its a bet, that 0,6% may be the ending credit, an important step of the story, or a piece of this registry.

Without the full registry (ok, Im not sure its called like that, but you got the point, yes?) you cant read the file with a normal player. I suggest you to go and check some other p2p program and see if you can finish the file before buring a cd or a dvd.

Rama 2003-11-05 18:10

That's 100% right :)
You can check if the 'registry' (header?) is alright by running each file.
If it plays it's ok. If the file doesn't start it's corrupted..

wackymojo 2003-11-05 18:37

Wow, thank you all for your answers! I am happy that the time spent on downloading the file didn't go to waste. Ya'll are really helpful. If I have some more questions I'll be sure to check back! Thanks again! Arigatou gozaimasu! (Is that the correct way to say it?) : )

EtherNEZ 2003-11-06 08:16

If you are really desperate to get a watchable file and you're unlucky enough to have a corrupt/partially missing index (registry), there are also some video fixing utilities that can attempt to repair/rebuild the index to produce a playable file (such as DivFix, not sure about XviD), even if it refuses to play initially in any player.

Not the best solution by any means and it can sometimes cause more problems than it's worth, but it is worth a try in a crisis situation.

suires 2003-11-08 19:58

I guess the files can be played because when you load torrant file, the file is completely allocated. Which means the index of the video file is complete so you are just downloading the files bit by bit not in the chronical orders. You may find later that there are some missing pictures or same sort. For 99.4% complete DL and you can play the file, the missing part maybe just some place un-noticable.

I sometimes watch half complete file when I can't wait for the whole thing to dl. For video or audio files, as long as you are not currently BTing when you play the file, it is pretty much playable.

EtherNEZ 2003-11-09 18:06

A little clarification...

The allocation process in BitTorrent does not provide any data from the video file at all (including the index/header) . The space is simply registered to the filesystem so that that disk space is reserved for BitTorrent's use for when it connects to peers and starts transferring data.

At 99.4% completion, yes, there is a high probability of the video playing as the index and header are very small in comparison. However, BitTorrent downloads chunks in an essentially random order so statistically, on average, you will have a complete mess of a file until it nears the end. This will not usually produce a particularly watchable file.

KuzuRyuuSen 2003-11-10 09:58

In my experience I'm never able to play the file before 100%, even it's 99%.

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