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Narbo 2003-12-15 19:46

i'm using the experimental version of BT and i can upload and download. my problem is that after a while it restarts my computer. i cannot think of what to do so i'm asking for help. ONEGAI!!!!!!!!!!

Azazello 2003-12-16 01:50

Computer crashing
Every single time I do a BitTorrent download my computer will crash in the middle of it. I run on a cable connection and MS XP. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Flash_Squirrel 2003-12-16 08:22

You can find the answer in the FAQs on the top of this subforum.

pathyfinder 2003-12-16 15:43

don't know if this is your problem..... but I also have XP and a Cable and sometimes my experimental BT will freeze or stop.

I have found that if I leave open the download web site, it won't stop.
For what ever reason, seeing as I use Netscape as my browser this occurs.

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