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kj1980 2006-03-24 10:20

Fate/stay night Episode 12 Discussion thread
Welcome to the discussion thread for the twelveth episode of Fate/stay night. Air date: Fri 24th Mar 2006 (late Friday night / early Saturday morning)

Please remember this thread is for the anime watcher only. If you want to discuss aspects of the game, then please use the Fate/Stay Night Game Discussion thread

Since the series is licensed the following posts are not allowed!
  • Asking where you can find F/sn downloads or torrents.
  • Discussing F/sn fansub groups (past or present).
  • Asking for help downloading F/sn.
  • Asking for playback help for F/sn episodes.
These rules applies to fansubs (in English or any other language) and raws alike.

You are allowed to discuss the anime but please remember to limit the discussion to the anime story only. In addition, please remain on-topic and do not post any spoilers.

Any spoilers from the game will be deleted. The entire post will be deleted (even if there is just a small part of the post containing spoilers). Please use the Report button if you see any spoilers. THIS INCLUDES THOSE WRITTEN INSIDE SPOILER TAGS!!!!

Guido 2006-03-24 10:22

For me the major highlight for this episode would be

Tabris 2006-03-24 10:51

I can't wait for this episode to get subbed. Can't wait to see all the stuff that's going to happen (Cba to type a spoiler)

Edit: Oops, I voted by accident.

Shiroth 2006-03-24 11:09

Spoiler for Rider:

Village Idiot 2006-03-24 11:33

Episode has aired:

Pics up at 2chan

philip72 2006-03-24 11:41

Good to see that Fuji-nee is getting her appetite back.

Shiroth 2006-03-24 11:51

Saber & Shirou going for a walk.. reminds me of Shiki & Arcueid. <3

stormy001_M1A2 2006-03-24 12:28

Hmmmm, hard to say....but Rider is in her full glory is a sight to behold.

Shiroth 2006-03-24 12:32


Originally Posted by stormy001_M1A2
Hmmmm, hard to say....but Rider is in her full glory is a sight to behold.


Xellos-_^ 2006-03-24 12:43


Originally Posted by Angelsama
People who haven't played the game or read up are gonna have no idea what you're on about, edit your post.

Thast the whole idea. No chance of spoiling it for someone.

Seska 2006-03-24 13:31


Originally Posted by Xellos-_^
Thast the whole idea. No chance of spoiling it for someone.

Right, im just jump in in this Anime. im startet from episode 11. and i was lucky to find the other missing parts. I think that will be my next "must see" anime. cause my others are about to end. i dont wanna write here what others. i dont wanna break any rulez.


p.s. i dont know the game. even the full background even from the anime. im just enjoying the show...

Varis 2006-03-24 16:19

what I don't get is why they don't address Saber's mana problem. She keeps conserving it because Shirou can't provide mana. Recently though she falls unconcious and the fights are getting more and more serious...

Can't he be thought how to give Saber mana?

WhereAmI 2006-03-24 16:32


Originally Posted by Varis
what I don't get is why they don't address Saber's mana problem. She keeps conserving it because Shirou can't provide mana. Recently though she falls unconcious and the fights are getting more and more serious...

Can't he be thought how to give Saber mana?

It's a plot device, lets see where it takes us

kari-no-sugata 2006-03-24 16:34

Episode summary
Just watched the raw...

Pre OP is Shinji wandering about town,

First bit is Shirou talking to Taiga via phone - she's fine and even having seconds at the hospital. The events of the last ep occured yesterday from this point in time.

Shirou talks to Saber a bit - he wants to stop Shinji from creating another Blood Fort and killing people. Saber says he should rest first and simply fighting to prevent casualties isn't good. However, Shirou says he needs to make Shinji take responsibility for his actions and beating Rider is part of that.

Next Rin, Saber and Shirou discuss things. Rin suggests that Shinji might get some help from another Master, which would be no laughing matter (her laugh at this point is rather funny). But Saber is confident that she can take on Rider one-on-one. Then they discuss Rider's abilities and the upcoming battle. It's rather hard to follow all of this technical talk though. But Rin compliments Shirou on being able to think things through.

Next, Shirou and Saber check out Shinji's home (not there), then search around town, trying to see if they can locate Rider creating a new magic field. However, Shirou's injuries from the previous day catch up with him and Saber drags him to a bench in that forest. At one point Saber suggests Shirou rest with his head on her lap. Seems to be too much for him though :D

Anyway, Shirou fell asleep for an hour and dreams of his adopted dad again. When he wakes up he happens to mention to Saber that he used to live in the area with his real parents but they got killed in what seemed like the previous Grail war. Saber wonders if Shirou acts like he does because he simply doesn't want people to end up like him, but he says it might be even simpler - I think he feels that he has to do something to prevent more victims since he alone survived. Saber says that while it's noble to put other peoples' lives ahead of his own, if he doesn't value his own life, he'll probably regret it.

Anyway, off they go searching again and Rider sends them a little "come here" signal with magic. Saber and Rider start their battle running up the skyscraper and Rider suggests that Saber isn't too good in such conditions.

Shirou figures Shinji is at the top and decides to go get him. The lift stops part of the way and he's forced to climb the stairs. But near where he got off is Berserker and loli Master. But they don't seem to be doing anything actively.

Rider and Saber eventually get to the top of the building and Saber finds Rider riding on a pegasus. Nice. I think this is Rider's magic, not her Noble Phantasm. I think Saber also says that Rider isn't a hero from the past, but something else. Saber doesn't seem too bothered about the attacks, and doesn't have to worry about Shirou getting in the way - meaning she can cut loose. But just then Shirou turns up...

Shinji, in the area, gloats and thinks he has the upper hand. Rider goes to attack, but Saber starts her sword power-up (like against Assassin). Rider then uses her Noble Phantasm - reins for the pegasus to make it fight (since it's normally too nice).

Rider starts flying around at high speed. Saber calls on the wind.

Rider charges down saying something like "bellefor".

Saber comments to herself that Rider was wrong about this being a disadvantage to her - up there on the building, she can go full blast. The blasts of wind around the sword end (or condence on it?) and a golden sword appears (the same as in Shirou's sub-conscious or whatever in eps 1/2).

Saber shouts "Excalibur" and fires a MASSIVE blast at Rider. The thing covering her eyes splits briefly showing her eyes, then the blast consumes her. (nice sounds visuals and sound btw)

From a long distance away, Rin notices the blast. She seems to be near Shinji/Sakura's house for some reason. Sakura is looking outside the window. Her lips move but we don't get to hear what she says - I can sometimes lip-read Japanese but I can't figure out what she says.

On the building, Shirou is rather stunned, and says "That sword is..."

Shinji panics - the book he's carrying is on fire and he says "the command mantra are burning" (aren't they normally on the hand?) and he runs away. Shirou goes to chase him but Saber collapases.

MrProphet 2006-03-24 16:34

Godly episode. Well, not really, but it tried. 8)

To make the long story short: the weaknesses are the same, ditto the strenghts. The first half of the entire episode is throwaway set-up with lots of boring dialogues. But it wasn't what killed it, it was the ultimately crappy animation. The main genga team must have taken a day off and only came back for the part after the eyecatch.

Which was a sight to behold, with Rider battling Saber in full glory. Rider is so sexy, it's not even worth mentioning anymore, but they really made her strut her stuff out this time. I mean: sexy ass shots, sexy front shorts, sexy giggles, sexy sighs, YOU NAME IT and Rider did them.

We also got to know the true names of both Rider and Saber as both of them took out their real weapons.


In the end, it was rather ambiguous if Rider survived or not. Her eyepatch shattered and Shinji's magical book with his reiju burned, but they never showed us Rider actually dying, or even appearing to have been vanquished. She just vanished.

Shameless fanservice and other guilty pleasures, thank you so much for existing! 8)

I give an 8 for the Rider showcase. It would have been 9 or even 10, if only they didn't draw Saber as a badly-proportioned smurf and Rin as a parody of that supercreepy comic character from ghost stories.

PS: Shinji's "teh eevil laugh" is really pathetic and supremely stupid.

kari-no-sugata 2006-03-24 17:08


Originally Posted by MrProphet
The first half of the entire episode is throwaway set-up with lots of boring dialogues.

Personally, I liked the tactics discussions and talk of intentions etc. Plus some more character background. And humour.

Seems like you could only be satified by OVAs or movies - decent battles are very expensive to do, so TV anime can't do them much. Either they're short and sweet... or really... dragged...out... over... the... whole...episode...or...more...

MrProphet 2006-03-24 17:17

What I would be sattisfied with can be defined as "an interesting, engaging plot". Fate/stay night lacks it, so I have only enjoyed the obvious fanservice parts of it (action, humor, T&A, the works...)

FSN just doesn't manage to finally come together and weave a complete narrative that naturally moves from the character development and interaction to the intermezzo to the action sequences to whatever else they want to throw in. Ultimately, Fate/stay night is just a combination of its parts, some good, some bad, some simply atrocious, never achieving completeness and unity.

To put it in simple terms: it just does not "flow", it stutters from one prerequisite "game scene" to another. This episode especially felt disengaged, because of the boring first part in the Emiya residence, somewhat interesting interplay between Shiro and Saber, hinting at awkward romance, and the coolness of the final battle. The contrast between them was just to much to ignore. It's like the episode is done by several different teams that simply don't communicate with each other and just animate "their thing".

Obviously, it's not how it works, but it felt this way...

The "lap" scene was funny. I try to see it a positive thing, but in the end, it's just one funny scene inserted with no reason at all just because the script said "Funny line here". 8)

PS: For the record, the last couple of episodes before this one were better than average.

Danj 2006-03-24 17:23


Originally Posted by MrProphet
PS: Shinji's "teh eevil laugh" is really pathetic and supremely stupid.

Well, it could be argued that Shinji is pathetic and stupid, so the laugh probably suits him :heh:

Mr. Guy 2006-03-24 17:39

Just saw the episode...
Spoiler for For current episode:

MakubeX2 2006-03-24 17:46

There you have it peeps.

Rider's gone. Shinji's command mantra's destroyed. She ain't coming back, stop denying the fact right here and now.

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