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a_ndy 2003-12-18 11:17

Ports 6881 - 6889 or 6999?
I've been trying to configure my router to open the ports that Bit Torrent uses so that my downloads don't crawl. I've been using Shadow's Experimental S-5.8.7 client and when I go into preferences it says the Port range is 6881 - 6999. This is a huge number of ports. On Bram Cohen's site though it says that Bit Torrent listens on ports 6881 - 6889. Is this a typo, or can I get away with just opening ports 6881 to 6889 (8 ports instead of 118) and still have optimal downloading speeds?

warnold 2003-12-18 11:25

Actually, many people can get away with opening just 6881.
The actual use is, each torrent you connect to uses one port, the client starts at 6881 for the first torrent, and then goes up one for each additional torrent. So if n is the maximum number of simultanious torrents you will be connected to, then you need to open torrents 6881 - (6880+n)

The 6889 (older client versions) or 6999 (newer client versions) number is just the highest port number the client will use, If it can't find an available port by then, it'll assume something is wrong and error out.


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