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Kurenai 2003-12-20 06:00

Download problem.What else??
Hi everyone.Yup, it`s going to be another of those "my-download-is-so-slow"posts.But let`s start from the beginning.For about 3 weeks i have a ADSL line 655 dl/128 ul.I was getting good bittorent speeds (40kb+).But then there was a server crash and I couldn`t connect to the internet for 3 days.When I was finally able to connect I noticed that my bittorent download speeds decreased. Now I`m getting 5-20kb/s.Sometimes above 20kb/s when there are a lot of remote peers.I tried to download something by HTTP and depending on the server my speeds were 20-65kb/s.As far as I know I didn`t install any new programs with built -in firewalls.I reinstalled my Windows XP , enabled the XP firewall,tried to forward ports, changed the bittorent client to Shadows Experimental Bittorent client,but the speed was the same.I phoned the technical help and they told me something about new IP adresses-maybe that`s the source of my problems.What do you think??
Thanks for any help. :)

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