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Naruto 2003-12-20 08:41

Screen capture
i searched in both the General BT forum and playback help forum and didnt get a match. Plus i aint sure where else this might come under.
SO here it goes.
anyone knows which is the FUnction button to capture screen in Windows Media Player 9?
the button will prompt u to save the present screen on the player as a image file.

The Small One 2003-12-20 11:31

Hm, the Forum's name is "General Bittorrent", so what does your post have to do with BT?

NightWish 2003-12-20 11:47

Lets see now... you want to capture an image from a video using Windows Media Player... :eyebrow: Yup ~ The Small One is right, this has nothing to do with BitTorrent or PlayBack -- which is why your search found nothing. If you don't know where something would be posted you need to search all the forums; besides -- it doesn't take much longer than searching just one or two.

If you had searched the General Chat forum you would have found a "Screenshots" thread. Within which is found an answer.

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