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Photonman 2003-11-06 01:39

ALright, I'm sure its been said before, but I need something answered. I am getting absolute crap when I'm downloading. Ussualy only 1kb a sec, most of the time 0kb. Right now I'm on a school network which should be fast, because when I download off an interenet site I get 100-200kb easy depending on the site. Now, if I use Kazaa, this school has set it up its network up and has closed those ports so I can't get anything off of Kazaa. Could that be screwing up my bittorrent? Because when I go home and use my cable modem on my laptop, it get decent speeds from 80-200kb. Is there any way to maybe help the problem?

Esperchld 2003-11-06 01:51

You are on a school network, that is the problem. You will need to talk to your network administrators for information on how to get past it. You can try bypassing it yourself, its not that hard, but I won't help you with that. They have Kazaa and most of the rest of the P2P networks blocked for a good reason. Your BT isn't working right because of firewall issues (similar issues to the problems being caused to keep Kazaa from working.).

plasmasword001 2003-11-06 02:59

If you are behind a school network, most likely they use a proxy server to connect to the internet which means that you can't connect to anything online. Yahoo games, Kazaa, or even BT. If anyone finds a way to get around a school proxy and its blocked sites, let me know ;)

Photonman 2003-11-06 09:54

See...heres the other thing, when I used to leave a torrent up at night, by mourning I could get complete downloads. Its just during the day that I get crap speeds. But up until a few days ago, I havent been able to get anything. I started to use this privacy serivice that was on macafee but I uninstalled that. I aso installed norton system works, and started to customize my desktop. Could I have done something to screw my comp up or the macafee thing to slow down my dl speeds?

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