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zka 2006-04-25 15:08

Searching for a client with this spec..
Heya.. I'm searching for a client where you can set max bw per connection.

Using other clients like az and utorrent if there is someone with large download, he will get like 300kbsec from me while others will get the rest. If I could limit max upload per connection it would help me seed the things without getting "hit & run" by 10+mbit users.


Sofu 2006-04-25 17:39

It sounds like you have a lot of upload bandwidth, so it's not surprising that it's getting (ab)used. The best way to limit abuse is to a) limit overall upload speed (please keep it reasonable) and/or b) make sure you're allowing plenty of upload slots. The more upload slots you have, the more your client is forced to spread your bandwidth. It'll still upload more to peers that appear to be sharing a lot, but that's normal and (more importantly) good behavior, so don't expect to find a decent client that supports your requested feature.

Also, if you're the initial seeder, then bittornado is probably the client you should be using since its superseed mode is very good at ensuring healthy file distribution. If you're not the initial seeder, then I'd suggest Azureus with the Stuffer plugin (it's not listed so you'll have to do a little searching, but it's not that hard to find) set to block BitComet, which is the worst offender by far.

DWKnight 2006-04-25 20:05

There are currently no clients that allow for a per-slot upload limit.

Sofu pretty much covered the best option with bittornado's super-seed mode. It does decrease total bandwidth throughput, but it does MASSIVELY increase upload efficency, sometimes generating full distribution in as little as 105% (of the total torrent size) uploaded.
Pretty much all other super-seed algorithms are currently considered to be broken in one way or another (all of which are broken to the point that normal seeding works better by up to 50% of the torrent's size).

zka 2006-04-26 19:34

Ok thanks for the advices.

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