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whatever 2003-12-24 01:05

dl speed and seeds dont make alot sense..
okay, everyone judge this.. bt is an amazing progrem, that is very true. 404 seeds, and 3200 uploads, and i'm using cable lan connection.... and the dl speed i got is 26, they NEVER go up over 50 for whatever thing that i'm downloading.

i tried the port opening thing, dont work. ( 6881, blah blah blah )
i'm using windows xp pro

p.s. i have just started using xp pro just this month, and before when i was using windows 98, DUDE, it was like....PRADICE downloading speed, ( like superman screwing his wife !!! )

i dunno what's up with the xp, why is my download sooooo slow..!!!!!!

and finally i would like to say:

HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p3psi 2003-12-24 01:23

hmmmmm, what bt program are you using?

Flash_Squirrel 2003-12-24 03:38

Remove the Internal XP firewall. You can find out how by checking the FAQs in this subforum.

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