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Virus 2003-12-25 22:12

Router (SMC) Help
Im trying to get files off BitTorrent but I can't since im using a router. I use an SMC router so i don't know what i really have to do, because I can't find any help with SMC routers connecting to bittorrent.

Akiace 2003-12-27 12:35

You have to open the BT ports [6881-6999] with your router settings. Your router manual should have the url to the SMC page [I think it is ] where you can change the settings to your router. I believe the SMC manual is located as a pdf file within the installation CD instead of a physical manual.

GipFace 2003-12-27 13:18

MDG is t3h suckage
Did you buy an MDG computer? <_<

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