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dentee 2003-12-27 23:52

Please help with slow download speed/router settings!
I had been using the BitTorrent Experimental Client 3.2.1b CVS for several months with no problems, I would regularly get download speeds between 30 and 50kB/s, sometimes going as high as 80kB/s. I recently set up a Microsoft wireless router (MN-500), and since then my BitTorrent download speeds have dwindled to under 15kB/s. I thought at first maybe it was the client, so I tried the Burst! client but it did not increase my download speed. I then installed the Shadow Experimental Client but the download speeds were still very slow. Finally, I disconnected my router, and checked the "Advanced" tab in the Shadow client to see if there were any remote peers as mentioned in another thread, and I did see several local and a few remote peers. But when I re-connect the router there are only local peers. I understand this is an issue with my router port forwarding settings, and I have been trying for hours to fix it but just can't figure it out. My router port forwarding settings interface looks exactly like this screenshot (under "Port Forwarding")

In the MS router Base Station Management Tool I can access the following addresses:

Wide Area Network (WAN) Settings - Dynamic:
WAN IP address
Subnet mask
Default gateway
Primary Domain Name System (DNS)
Secondary DNS

Local Area Network (LAN) Settings:
Local IP address
Subnet mask
IP address

The fields that I can fill in under "Persistent Port Forwarding" are "Description, Inbound port, Type, Private IP address and Private port ." I named the description "bt", set the inbound port from 6881-6889, type as TCP. Where I'm stuck is on the "Private IP address" and "Private port" settings, I have tried using different addresses mentioned above, and I have the "Private port" set to 6881-6889. Is this the right way to set it up?? I have Windows XP and Adelphia cable internet, and I don't have any firewall software or the XP firewall on. Any help would be appreciated!

warnold 2003-12-28 11:28

To determine the correct "Private IP address"
Open a command window: Start->run->"cmd"
Look for a line reading
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . : [your IP will be here]

everything else looks correct.


dentee 2004-01-01 01:37

Thanks billy! After finding and entering the right IP address, I was still getting only local peers. What I was doing wrong was setting up Persistent Port Forwarding instead of Application-Triggered Port Forwarding. Also, the "outbound port number" for BitTorrent is 6969, and I changed the incoming ports for BitTorrent to 6881-6999 as suggested on this thread.

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