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GHDpro 2003-12-28 09:01

AnimeSuki Torrent Listing Policy
See this page for the requirements that have to be met for a torrent to be listed on the site:

These requirements also apply to this forum, with the exception of:
  • Non-English fansubs may be posted. Please mark them clearly as being non-English.
  • Parodies may be posted.
To emphasize:
  • Do not post links to anime or manga licensed for DVD or Blu-ray release in the US.
  • Do not post links to anime or manga where the subtitles were ripped or modified from a legally translated source.
  • Do not post links to hentai.

It is embarrassing to say, but this forum sometimes isn't closely monitored by site staff. If you want your torrents to be listed as soon as possible, it may be best to request an account to the AnimeSuki backend system.

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