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Octiron 2003-12-29 17:39

A little thing for the Tsukihime fans
I know game media isn't supposed to be submitted, but I'm posting it in here anyways in case some forum lurkers drop by. ;)

Me and resident poster FlashSquirrel (he did encoding and is credited with his IRC nick :) ) subbed the intro to one of the Tsukihime games. (namely Melty Blood) Why? We thought it was nice. :D Those interested in seeing it can leech it off from here:

People are also encouraged to drop by #shinsetsu on mircx an say hello. :)

We're planning to sub more material in the future, but you won't see that here as it won't be anime series. (mostly game intros and trailers ^^)

If you want to say hello, feel free to visit us on #shinsetsu over at mircx. ^^

NoSanninWa 2003-12-29 18:29

While we aren't going to put this into our database, we're glad that you submitted the torrent here.

This forum can be used for any un-licensed anime-related torrents even if they are outside our normal purview, like parody subs. (I love parody subs. Unfortunately we don't list them in our database so I am glad to find them here.). Thanks for subbing this

Octiron 2003-12-29 18:51

Thanks for the kind words. :)

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