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ChibiDusk 2004-01-01 03:49

argh! Gets to 99% then goes to 0kbps!?
No matter what file I try to get, it always happens!
File goes nromal until it gets to 99% completion then all of a sudden it says

'connecting to peers'
and the file dl rate goes to 0kbps and the upload rate 0-2kbps

Files I've tried:

Anbu Naruto Batch 31-40
Bottle Fairy 13
R.O.D. TV 12 [can't resume this one anymore since it was licensed]

Really very annoying!
I guess I could try resuming later today, and see if it works...but...
Ok, this is wierd

while typing BF 13 just went to

'connectig to peers'
dl: 0kbps
ul: 17kbps

Well, atleast its uploading *sigh*
Guess Ill help out for a while then :p

ChibiDusk 2004-01-01 12:02

I found a way, though very annoying...
resume, cancel, resume, cancel, resume, cancel...etc...
until it finally finishes...but this is going to take a wile since whenever you cancel it brings back the percentage by 1

MuGeN_BoY 2004-01-01 17:53

Which version of bt u using?

ChibiDusk 2004-01-01 18:25

BitTorrent 3.3 [I believe it's the latest?]
I tried reinstalling it twice...

Now BT won't even connect to peers, or even upload for that matter!

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