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Arishia 2004-01-01 13:39

Sorry if there's another thread about this...anyway. Whenever I try to download any BitTorrent file from any source, it always fails. There's a picture below of the window that pops up each time.

click here

Anyone know how to fix that?

-=Sasuke=- 2004-01-01 13:43

Instead of trying to run the torrent from the site. Save the torrent into your hard drive and run it from there. It should work fine. I don't really know how to get rid of this problem but i found that when i got off the Administrator account on my windows XP, and got on my "Eric" account, i didn't need to do this anymore with bittorent.

xris 2004-01-01 13:44

Currently that link you provided doesn't work (for me at least).

And are you sure your error isn't covered by the BitTorrent Step-By-Step thread (by Flash_Squirrel)

-=Sasuke=- 2004-01-01 13:50

Flash_Squirrel had it on his guide. Though i guess i answered it anyway. I haven't been to this forum since the past July so i don't know what happened around here while i was gone. Nice to see the new look and the guides :)

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