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kamunda 2007-01-08 17:40

connection trouble
Ok ever since bittorrent went thru the last round of upgrades
I have been unable to connect inorder to download i get an unable to
connect to tracker peers error while not connected to ant peers
then when i click details it gives an attribute error mesage followed
by somegibberish about a couple of lines of code
any help would be most grateful thanks

SilentGhost 2007-01-24 01:10

I'm having the same issue myself since the upgrade. A few minutes after starting the download it stops and and I get the error "cannot connect to any peers". Did something in the update alter the settings to change how it connects?

I went and installed Azureus and its working just fine but I'd like to have bittorrect working again. I didnt see any info on this in the stickies so I'd also greatly appreciate any info on how to fix this or if I should simply uninstall the current bittorrent and try reinstalling an older version.

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