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JKL 2007-01-31 23:35

Torrent Rejected by Tracker
I am getting an "ERROR rejected by tracker - this torrent is not allowed on this tracker" message when running the client. I believe it's the same problem that happened in this thread:

I just want to know if anyone else (Bit Tornado or not) is having this problem.

vocab 2007-01-31 23:54

it's the scary water tracker. It's been like this for a while(always down) just keep retrying.

JKL 2007-02-01 00:02

Ok, good to know.

Thanks Vocab!

Ablle 2007-03-08 03:44

I keep trying to download and it tell me the same thing its telling him any ideas

DWKnight 2007-03-08 06:55

Just wait it out.

I've started the ball rolling for pestering mxs about it.

DWKnight 2007-03-09 13:50

I found out what the problem was.

Scarywater's tracker generates 8GB (yes Gigabytes) of logs a day.
Do the math based on hard drive space.

The allowed torrents list file wasn't getting written because the system was running out of disk space.

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