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redwoodtreesprite 2007-02-13 20:31

Having trouble connecting with peers recently
We use Azureus. Lately we've been having a hard time connecting with peers when seeding torrents with only a few peers downloading. Right now there's a row of Upload Speed 0's in the top area showing our current downloads, and row of Upload Speed 0's in the lower area showing our seeding. When downloading and then seeding a torrent that has quite a few peers, we get decent uploading speeds, but it's frustrating seeing little or no uploading on torrents with only a few peers.

We reinstalled Azureus today, as we are using a new computer, and are still getting the O Upload Speeds most of the time. This is particularly frustrating because we restarted our ratio with the reinstall, and so are currently a most embarrassing .417 rating, due to not being able to upload to peers.

Is there a setting I can change that will fix this?

Ledgem 2007-02-13 20:36

Are you behind a router/does your modem have a router built in? If so, go into your options, enable UPnP forwarding, and make sure UPnP is enabled in Azureus.

If your router lacks UPnP, you'll need to do manual port forwarding...

SeijiSensei 2007-02-14 16:44

You said this is a new computer. Running XP? Vista? Something else?

If you're running a flavor of Windows, you'll probably need to muck around with the Windows firewall. These days it's on by default and is probably blocking inbound BT connections. If your older computer worked fine with your router settings, I'd guess it's enforced security on your new computer itself.

Jeromie 2007-02-15 13:19

Well first off I'd recommend you try a different torrent program such as uTorrent. I'm not saying utorrent's better but its the easiest way to go about solving this problem. For example if utorrent works for you without giving you the same problem then it might have been some kind of conflict with Azureus and your computer which is very unlikely but possible. What im trying to do is eliminate the choices we have instead of picking them out at random.

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