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WanderingKnight 2007-03-18 10:41

Azureus curiosity
Well, it's not really a problem because a PC restart already solved it, but today something really bizarre happened.

I never had any kind of problem with NAT reachability before, I'm not behind any kind of router and Windows' firewall is turned off, the only thing I have blocking stuff is NOD32, but then again I never had any issue with it.

But today, suddenly and with no changes to my PC configuration, Azureus detected my connection as firewalled, and I couldn't get any remote connection to peers. My face went "WTF!?", and I tried restarting Azureus. This solved the problem, although momentarily: a minute later it detected my connection as firewalled again. I finally tried restarting my PC, and up until now that seems to have solved Azureus' erratic behavior.

Anybody has any ideas as to what the hell might have happened? And, has anyone had this kind of problem before?

Ledgem 2007-03-19 22:56

I've never used Azureus, but I have had clients seemingly randonly think that they were behind a firewall without forwarded ports. I didn't notice anything particularly strange about the torrent performance, though.

I guess you could say that you should take the indicator with a grain of salt - it can give false positives. It's useful for telling you if your setup is causing problems, but if you already know that your setup is fine, then you should be able to ignore it.

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