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-KarumA- 2007-03-19 11:25

solving yellow connection with Comodo
a couple of days ago i got rid of my Zonnealarm, because it was hammering my entire registry system and wont even boot up th installation program anymore without freezing my comp up to a point where i have to reboot manually

since then i installed Comodo, but it seems that my BT client only gets a yellow connection open and when a certain file etc. only has seedrs lowers my connection to about 3 to sometimes 0 kb/p.s. right now im downloading several things, one of them being Shinsen Subs release of Code Geass 8 and 9 and i find that one of them wont even connect (stays red for now 30 minutes) and the other is yellow with a downloaidng speed of 0 kb/ps with 1 seeder and 1 leecher
im also downloading another file which is from another trackr, has a yellow connection, loads more seeders, 1 leecher and a higher download speed but the connection stays yellow...

i know that yellow means im behind a proxy server or a fire wall (well im guessing the last) but i have no clue on how to configure Comodo so that my download speed is atleased higher than 0 (rofl), as i look into my Comodo Firewall Pro Applications Controll Rules i see a list of prgrams that have been popping op ont he block and allow list, i got 2 BT ones in them both are on allow, the destination and port are standing on any and TCP/UDP stand for one in and the other out and as i look under Summary i can see that 99 % of my traffic is being used by Bittorrent, or in my case Bittornado

so cold anyone tell me how to get my Comodo configured so that my download speed isnt around 0 KB/ps when there's only seeders (when i wa susing Zonealarm i didnt have this trouble but using Zonealarm is a little impossible at the moment im afraid)

client: Bittornado T-0.3.17
firewall: Comodo Pro

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