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tazmanian 2007-04-11 04:35

[Shi-Fa & Shinsen] Otogi-jushi Akazukin - Trailer [4.5%]
I hate to have my first post to AnimeSuki be in this forum, but that's just the way it is. :rolleyes:

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone still had this 2+ year-old file sitting around & could seed it for me & the other 2-3 leechers that are stuck at 4.5%.

Link to info page:
Link to torrent file:

I just got the OVA downloaded & am seeding it now, but I'd like to have the trailer as well to complete the set.

Thanks very much in advance to anyone who can seed this for me!


EDIT: I found this on an fserve in shinsen's IRC channel, so the seed request can be disregarded! As soon as I get it downloaded I'll seed the other poeple on the torrent to completion.

Aw well....

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