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Justice Knight 2007-04-11 07:35

bit torrent prob
ok i am using bitcomet to dl anime and Mkv files so here my problem

when i finish dling serveral episodes @ 1 go,the 1st episode always has error and i am unable to watch.

need a solution to this thx

xris 2007-04-11 07:44

Doesn't this mean it's a playback problem and not a download problem. If it is a playback issue I would suggest reading the [READ ME FIRST] How do I get this fansub to play? thread in the Playback forum and posting there if the issue still remains (make sure you tell us the filenames along with what codecs you have installed as well as the media player you are using).

felix 2007-04-11 09:04

You should have some option somewhere that says ReCheck or something of sorts..

You can try uTorrent or Azureus.. no need to redownload everything, just load the same torrent into them and send it to the same destination, they should perform checks.. if there are bits missing they'll fix it. Azureus is generally the more option buffed..

If it still doesn't work then most probably you have some sort of playback problem.. What player are you using.. and/or codecs.. have you installed multiple codec packs.. etc. Personally I use ZoomPlayer, I know MPC (Media Player Classic) is the more popular one.. but ZoomPlayer seems to be more solid.

Another option, less likely, is that it's a bad torrent.
Edit - 2secs later..
Are you perhaps trying to play a inclompete file??..
Does it work after the torrent has finished...

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