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Shadow_Assassin 2004-01-12 16:46

Hunter X Hunter!!!!!
Hey guys, I need a favor will someone give me a link to Hunter X Hunter episodes 21-62?! I can't find them anywhere and IrC isn't going to be my thing so... If possible I'm begging anyone to PLEASE help me find these episodes... Hell i'll pay someone to mail them to me if they actually work... ! Uh... :help: please help me obtain these episodes i'll do anything thanks! I'll try to check this post every once in a while, but if you don't get any response, e-mail me at Thanks! later - Shadow

sai9sai 2004-01-13 18:25

yeah, i was going to ask the same question. Where could i download 21-62 ?? Pls send me a link ty ty.
Ty very much in advance

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