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Miko 2004-01-12 20:44

99% [Genbu_&_HnK] Gakkou No Kaidan - 06
:help: please. just one short little seed.[Genbu_&_HnK]_Gakkou_no_Kaidan_-_Ep_06.XviD.avi.torrent

:) thank you

StarCreator 2004-01-13 07:19

I was about to retire this one, too.

I'll seed for a little bit.

Miko 2004-01-13 18:25

thank you very much starcreator :)

StarCreator 2004-01-14 08:11

I'd take the credit, but someone beat me to it, and people were already seeding when I had hopped on.

You probably also noticed that we've replaced the individual torrents for 5-8 with a single batch torrent. We've seen that the series we've batched have self-perpetuated for much longer than the individual torrents ever did, and instead of having people face 4 dead torrents, I thought it would be easier if there was just one torrent to deal with. Thus, to minimize redundancy, the individual torrents for 5-8 have been removed and will no longer function.

Feel free to help seed the batches, though. ^^;

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