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sgwc 2007-05-06 04:57

Sigh~ I keep on asking others to seed. Well, I'm a seeder myself. I seed every anime that i downloaded for at least 2 days after my downloading is done.

And so I ask any of you to seed this episode which I'm stuck at 70%.


martino 2007-05-06 05:37

Tracker reports at least 40 seeders, and I can leech it without problems, so there is something wrong on your side...

sgwc 2007-05-09 06:17

thanks guys but i actually wanted any of you to keep seeding this for just one more day. Please... pretty please~!

It's just that my pc has some sort of problem and has to be repaired. I just got my pc right now.

Edit: I'm seeding it now.

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